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6 Tools You Can Use in Your Small Business

Here are 6 tools I use on a pretty much daily basis in my small business for myself and also to serve my clients. You can also take full advantage of these.

1. G Suite

Reach new levels of productivity and increase communication with your team using this collection of products from Google. Communicate using Gmail, Google Voice, Hangout Chats, etc. Schedule and invite others to your events or meetings easily and stay organized using the Google Calendar. Create spreadsheets, fillable forms and more using the many tools available. There's so much you can do with G Suite that I can't possibly name it all here.

2. Canva

Easily create graphics for use in social media or on your website with this great tool which provides a free and a paid option. Customize templates with your own images or you can search through the thousands they have available on their site. You can also download the app and easily create images on your smartphone.

3. Caption Writer

This smartphone app lets you create & save captions to share to Instagram and with just a couple of clicks insert hashtags from your saved list. It'll also insert the spaces into Instagram the way you type them in the app so no need to add a space holder such as a period to start a new line. The cost is very minimal and it's made my life easier.

4. Screencast-o-matic

Record your screen and/or edit videos with features such as inserting automatic captions,text, music, images and more. This comes in handy when teaching someone to do something or to include in company SOPs. I have a paid version of this for about $18/year but a free version is also available. (list continues below image)

6 tools to use in your small business

5. Asana

Manage tasks and to-do lists while collaborating with your team efficiently. Easily assign tasks to someone, make notes within the project to see progress and ask questions, create lists, etc. I use the free version of this but there are paid versions if your teams are more extensive or you need additional features.

6. Square

Easily invoice clients, take payments, view overdue invoices, generate sales/income reports, and more with this application. There's even an option to include time card reporting for employees and so much more. I use Square on a daily basis and find it easy to use and very convenient. Clients find it easy to make payments with it, which is what matters most.

Let me know if you have ever tried any of these yourself or if you have others that you recommend.

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