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What can you learn from a camel's hump?

Happy Hump Day

Did you know that the camel’s humps are not full of water? They are actually full of fat that allow it to travel for days, weeks, and sometimes even months through the desert without eating. 🐪

They can can carry up to 80 pounds of fat on its back. Guess what happens to the hump when the camel consumes the emergency food supply? It shrinks and falls to one side. However, refueling and a good night’s sleep will return the hump to its upright position. Also, did you know that when they do drink water they can consume upwards of 30 gallons at a time? 🤯

What lessons can we learn from this for business?

1. Having an emergency fund is a good idea. Usually most businesses have seasonal highs and lows. Putting away money (like the camel stores the fat) can help keep your business afloat for those months when the sales die down or something happens that makes you lose income. 💰

2. When you are forced to use your emergency fund, just as the camel consumes it's emergency supply, don't let that overwhelm you and make you feel runover. That's what the supply is for: to keep you going. It's gonna look a little like the camel's hump: shrunk and falling over but remember, you can get it upright again by refueling. In other words, it's a process that has to be repeated over and over again sometimes. 🔁

3. When you get the chance to fuel up, just like the camel does, you should take advantage of working hard during peak months and when the work is available. Today there may be work, tomorrow you don't know. So it's good to always prepare as much as possible.

Hopefully this gives you some food for thought and you can now have a new appreciation for the camel's humps. Happy hump day! 💪

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