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A Little Bit About Me

A little bit about me personally:


  • I love to travel and enjoy that I can be a digital nomad when I want.  

  • Alex, my Mini French Poodle follows me everywhere and loves to lay by my feet as I work. 

  • I owned a profitable brick-and-mortar store for 5 years that started with me selling out of a suitcase.

  • I grew my store's Facebook Business Page to over 80,000 real people and made crazy sales via my Facebook page. 

  • I started my Virtual Assistant business because I had downtime in the store and was already noticing the 7 day week running the store no longer fit into my family life. This is much more in line with what I enjoy and who I am. 


Read below what you'll get when you work with me.  I also invite you to schedule a free consultation with me today!




If you need help organizing the back end of your business because you can't keep up or if you are in full blown chaos because you haven't really had time to implement or streamline procedures, then my Virtual Business Manager Services can be your solution. I sell my Virtual Business Manager Services, with the ability and resources to juggle different demands at once, to those that lack time, skills or simply need to focus on growth. Hence my logo is a girl that juggles work, home and money.  


I know there are various virtual assistant companies out there but let me tell you a little bit about me so you can see why I'm a great choice.


I'm an analytical person by nature and I love taking an administrative nightmare and turning it into something organized, easily manageable and efficient.  I love achieving goals and helping others to do so as well.  Tell me the challenges you are facing, what processes you currently have in place, and what are your goals and I will look for ways to improve what's already there or implement what's missing to get you where you want to be.  I think there is always a way to work smarter, not harder and I apply that to my business model and that of my clients.  

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Because of my skillset, work style and having over 22 years of experience in Administrative Services, providing Virtual Assistant services to help others run their business is a natural fit for me. I'm creative and organized and I'll put that to work for you as well.  I commit time every week to educating myself and finding new ways to improve and be of additional value to my clients.


I've worked with non-profit organizations, large corporations and small companies, individuals and am a business owner myself.   In the past I've done everything from receptionist to management and even have been a store owner, and along the way I've learned many skills that I can now apply to better the businesses and lives of others. 


I've worked in the United States, as well as in other countries and currently serve international clients as well.  If you want experience and dependability then look no further!

A little of what you can expect when you work with me:

You can depend on me

If you call me or email me, you can expect a reply in a timely fashion. Also, if I say I will get something done you can bet your bottom dollar I'll find a way to meet the deadline, and if there were any hiccups you will be updated properly.


I'm dedicated and take action

If I see something that needs attention I will either take care of it or let you know. You won't need to chase me down for updates. I'll keep you informed as per your preference.


I manage my time and yours efficiently

I know how to prioritize what needs to get done and when in doubt I will always ask you what you need first.  I use my time efficiently, not only for your benefit but mine as well.  To achieve this I plan my day in advance and I also use tools that allow me to streamline processes for greater accuracy and quicker results. I always leave a slot of time available to deal with unexpected events. 


I am resourceful

I'm very aware that there are things that require further investigation on my part or the help of someone specialized in a certain field. While I mostly commit to tasks that I'm familiar with, I welcome opportunities to learn new things. When the need arises to do something that I'm not that too experienced with I have team members that I rely on to help and complete tasks under my supervision. I have already built strong working relationships with valuable people that specialize in different niches  These are contacts that I use to make sure my clients always have the upper hand.  I also make good use of my bank of talented and professional friends that I bounce ideas off of when I need to make sure that all possible solutions have been analyzed when tackling new projects. To stay ahead of the pack I set aside time daily to get further educated and keep up with industry trends.  


I am discreet & trustworthy

I am committed to keeping your information private and secure.  I will never sell your information and I make sure that the equipment I use is secure as your privacy is important to me.  I'm more than happy to review and sign non-disclosure agreements as required by clients. You can also trust that your work is in capable hands. It's one of my goals to establish a relationship of trust where you can be honest about your expectations from the beginning and in turn I will be upfront about my abilities and availability.


I have great command of English & Spanish languages

I speak, read and write both English and Spanish on a native level.  This means that if you work with me, you can now advertise that your business is bilingual.  You can trust me to translate documents/websites, etc., write articles, proof yours, and anything else your little heart desires.  You won't be concerned with easy to avoid grammar mistakes.  For example, I know the difference between  "you're and your".  As a professional, you know that not everyone does and those that do are turned off by careless errors.  Don't hand over your word processing to just anyone.  I'll produce work free of sloppy mistakes.  I'll help you put forth an image with your customers and clients that you can be proud of. 


I will add value

Not looking for minimum effort? Great!  Because I don't like mediocrity. I want to be the best and I want to work with the best. I only take clients on that I can be committed to and you can rest assured that your success is important to me.  After all, I want you to be happy enough to refer me to your colleagues, friends, and family.  I want you to be happy with my services to the point where you wonder how you ever did business efficiently before me.  You know the love you have for your cell phone? When you don't have it you feel incomplete.  That's the kind of feeling I want you to develop for me and my services.  And I'll work hard to make sure you see the results and added value my work provides. 

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Virtual Assistant Reviews

"Outstanding! The attention to detail and professionalism provided is exceptional. She has exceeded my expectations in many aspects including translation services, editorial, and research. I highly recommend."- Emma Pabellon, UpKeep Xperts


"Professional Services with a Smile! Highly Recommended. Sincere interest in your Business."- Karen Morales, Individual Sales Consultant



"Yesenia is very professional and timely in her work. I highly recommend her services for small business owners as myself, who have so many small details to pay attention to- because Yesenia will pay attention to those details too!"-Courtney Johnson, MS,CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist


"Yesenia has done an excellent job helping me out to expand my business. Her customer service skills are superb!"- Neil Delgado, Home Inspector


"Yesenia has been a great help to my business presence online. She helped me set up my Facebook fan page and has helped me add content and grow my fan base. She constantly sends me things that remind her of my business and that can be posted on my page. I appreciate the services she has provided me with and recommend her 100%. She loves what she does and is good at it. You can’t ask for much more!"- Eduardo V.-Professional Canine Trainer

"Yesenia did all the paperwork to set up my corporation and get me workman's comp exemption.  She also reaches out to companies on my behalf to market my services and has done an extraordinary job in getting me up and running.  I am very happy and will continue to work with her."- Eduardo Izquierdo- Straight & Level Cabinetry, Inc.


"Yesenia has been integral in the success of our adventure park in Costa Rica. For over five years she helped us to create systems, functions and controls that have evolved as the business has grown. Her and her teams dedication helped us to minimize our challenges as we have grown the company. Integrity, determination, professionalism and superior knowledge in many aspects of accounting operations and sales are all traits that she brought to our business. If your looking to plug in some or all of these qualities to your business i highly recommend her services!"- Gregory Jacquez- Owner, The Park at Ocean Ranch, Jaco, Costa Rica


"Yesenia has been a tremendous help to me by helping me organize my emails, creating spreadsheets and teaching me new skills. She is knowledgeable in all the areas I have requested help and she is always prompt in responding to my requests. I could not have found a better virtual assistant and I recommend her to anyone who needs help."- Dr. Joel Weinberger


Yesi 5 copy.jpeg



"She is amazing!! She really knows how to get exposure to my business. I am in the Real Estate field, she has created accounts, flyers, newsletters and pages to market and have my services exposed to more people. My business would not be the same without her! I don't even have to approve what she will post to my pages or send out to my clients, because I trust that she knows exactly what she is doing and what will make me look good. She is a fast worker, but her quality of work is very detailed and well thought out. It's definitely one less thing for me to worry about. Hiring her is the best thing I ever did!! I highly recommend her!"-

Nivia Santos, REALTOR®

"Yesenia was a great help in getting my business set up. She formed the LLC for me and set up my email as well as my Facebook page. She has given me tips on how to market my services and is knowledgeable and friendly when answering my questions. I recommend her services as she is highly professional."- Sheylla Villegas, Bella Vista Paint, LLC. 

"Yesenia assisted us greatly with getting our company registered in Florida and up and running. She helped us with administration things that we would not have been able to do on our own and was professional friendly. I highly recommend her services!"- Gabriel Colina, Home Improvement

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