5 Things To Try When You Feel Like Giving Up

5 things to try when you feel like giving up

When you feel like giving up try doing this instead.... ⠀ 1. Remember WHY you started your business. You need more specific motivation than "to make money". JUST making money won't cut it. Why did you choose this business? Is this your passion? Does it give you the opportunity to be home with family more? Whatever the reason behind WHY you started, take time to reflect on it and how badly you want that. ⠀ 2. Look at how far you have come and be grateful.

Surely not everything is bad. Did you already set up your company? Have people shown interest in what you do? Do you have clients already? Did you get a great review? Focus on your wins. Any step you take today puts you in one step ahead than you were at yesterday. All of these are things to be grateful for and celebrated. Take time to reflect on and enjoy your successes.

⠀ 3. Surround yourself with entrepreneurs who work through their challenges and can inspire you. Seeing that others face similar challenges in their business and overcome them can be just what you need to ke