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5 Steps to Follow when Setting Business Goals

This is the month where many people have started working on their new year resolutions. Others still haven't made up their minds what goals they have, and that's OK too. There's no rush. However, so many people start off the year all pumped up and some don't even get through to February before giving up.

When it comes to business goals, what steps should you follow to stick with it throughout the entire year and be successful? Here are 5 steps to follow when setting up business goals.

1. Write your goals down.

You know that saying: "Out of sight, out of mind." Make sure your goals stay on your mind. After you have written them down, or typed them out, whatever floats your boat, put them in a place where it's visible to you. The more you see it, the more you are reminded of what you are working hard to achieve.

2. Be very specific with what you write down.

For example, instead of writing down: "I want to grow my business this year", you can write down something like "Sign with 2 new clients before the first quarter ends". The second is much more specific and therefore easier to track your progress. It also clearly defines what success looks like to you.

3. Set short term goals.

It's been found that people stick with things more often when there is a shorter timeline associated with them. So you are more likely to succeed if you set various short term goals vs. long term goals. You can break down long term goals into steps that you can look forward to achieving throughout the year.

small business accountability

4. Share your goals with someone else for accountability.

If you don't want anyone in your personal circle to know what you have going on then find a Facebook group or other virtual support group that you can relate to and that will hold you accountable.

5. Reward yourself when you check things off your list.

As you reach different goals reward yourself in ways that motivate you to continue reaching out. You can try different things like taking a day off, going somewhere you have been wanting to go, buying yourself something nice for your business that you have been wanting to splurge on, etc. Whatever it is, make it something that you really want so that you are willing to work even harder towards achieving your goal.

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