What in the world is a Virtual Assistant?

I’ve noticed that when people ask me “What do you do?” and I say “I run my own business working from home as a Virtual Assistant?” they always say “Virtual Assistant, what is that?” and that’s usually followed by “How cool! I would love to work from home!”. I’ve gotten pretty used to it now but it nevertheless always takes me a bit by surprise, especially when someone like my doctor has never heard of a Virtual Assistant. It seems that even though we are surrounded by a world full of technology many still have not heard of this concept and don’t quite understand it.

But it’s really such a logical step in a world where most of the things we do are already virtual. I’ll give you a few examples. When is the last time you set foot in a bank? Isn’t it true that most people deposit their checks virtually and go to their website, email, chat or call whenever they need help? Sure, if you are going to do a major transaction you may want to go in person, but really, how often does that happen? The truth is most people already use virtual services on a daily basis and just haven’t thought about it. That means that all these businesses, your bank, your cable company, and many others, already use virtual help. But you may say, “Well those are big corporations and I’m a small business owner or 1 man/woman show.” I’m going to tell you why it makes extra sense for you. First, let me give you an idea of what I do.

So what do I, as a Virtual Assistant, working from home do? Very simply, I help small business owners run their businesses doing behind the scenes work that doesn’t involve a physical presence. That means I can provide Customer Service, via phone, email, web chat, even text message. I handle scheduling, post to social media, make website edits/additions, write posts, follow up with customers to get reviews, etc. There is so much more that I do and offer in terms of services, but to keep it sho