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Making Time to Work on Your Business

Since I started my company I have been so busy with client tasks which has made it a challenge to work on own business. However, working on my business has to be a priority so I've decided to make the time. So here's what I think is important to do to make sure you can stay on top of your own business as well. Providing excellent service to clients is super important but so is getting new ones.

  1. Set goals for the week related to your own business. Want to grow your fan page by a certain number this week? Want to sell an additional item compared to last week? Whatever it may be, make sure it's a very specific, measurable goal. Figure out what success means to you. This will help you set your goals so that at the end of the week you can measure whether you have met your own expectations.

  2. Plan physical actions to meet your weekly business goals. Need to start a blog? Have to update social media? Need to do some in person-networking? Write down specific tasks that need to be done daily to take steps towards accomplishing your weekly goals. Then every night set aside about 10 minutes to plan the next day and make sure to include your lists of tasks that will help your own business and schedule a time to do them so they don't get bumped off your To Do List.

  3. Check the things you accomplish off a visual list. There's something mentally stimulating about seeing things checked off a list. Aside from helping you remember what you need to do and track what you've already done, checking items off a list makes you feel accomplished and hence motivates you do to the next thing so you can check them all off.

4. Schedule time weekly to review your goals, measure and record your progress. Every week you should review the goals you set for yourself for that week and determine whether or not you met them. If you did, great! You set realistic expectations and are already to set your goals for the following week. If you didn't, figure out what went wrong. Were your goals attainable and realistic or did you just simply fail to stick to your daily to do list? Whatever you pinpoint was the problem, fix it so next week you can meet your goals.

Comment on your results if you have tried these before and if you have any other ideas to offer that have helped you stay focused on growing your own business no matter how busy you are.

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