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As a Virtual Business Manager, or for our Spanish-speaking business owners, your 'Mano Derecha Virtual', I am committed to helping you regain your peace of mind while your business continues to flourish. We handle a variety of essential tasks to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, enabling you to focus on the profitable activities that truly need your attention.

Don't hesitate to visit our "Services" section to see what you can start delegating today! Our team of professional bilingual virtual assistants is ready to help you focus on what’s most important: growing your business and enjoying your personal life. Think of us as your partners in juggling it all!


Para los dueños de negocios hispanohablantes, queremos invitarles a conocer más sobre nosotros y nuestros servicios. Haz clic aquí para saber más sobre nuestros "Soluciones Empresariales".

A Virtual Business Manager, or your 'Mano Derecha Virtual', might be what you need if...

  • Overwhelming Admin Work: Your desk is drowning in administrative tasks that multiply faster than you can handle them.

  • Constant Stress: The pressure is unrelenting, with stress becoming your unwelcome companion.

  • Personal Life Strain: Work obligations are beginning to strain your personal life and relationships.

  • Networking vs. Busy Work: You excel in networking and fostering relationships, but behind-the-scenes operations aren't your forte.

  • Ideas But No Time: You're brimming with fantastic ideas but lack the time to bring them to life.

  • Growing Pains: Your business is on an upward trajectory, but you're struggling to keep up and unsure if you can afford the help you need.

  • Whether you're an English or Spanish-speaking business owner, we're here to offer assistance. Our services, either under our main brand or 'Mano Derecha Virtual', cater specifically to your unique needs, aiming to shoulder the burdens that are holding you back.


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Don't spend your time on:

  • Calendar Management: Reservations Bookings / Appointments / Employee Schedules

  • Recordkeeping 

  • Email & Communications Management 

  • Electronic Customer Service

  • Project Management (Asana)

  • Report Creation/Maintenance (Google Sheets, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Social Media posts

  • Graphic Creation

  • Translations

Let me worry about that!

Email me 

We can help you reach your goals, get the results you want to see and don't worry about mismanaged time ever again!


Save money when you use our Virtual Assistant Services versus traditional in-house employees! Don't spend your money on: 


  • Benefits: healthcare, vacations, retirement plans, etc.  

  • Office Space/Equipment/Software

  • Time and money to have supervision

  • Transportation costs incurred by you to get to the office all the time to get things done. 

These expenses alone can quickly add up to thousands of dollars every year. Plus you get Bilingual Virtual Assistants, that can help you expand your business to a whole new market of customers. 

Hire experience, hire talent, get results. 

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